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PWS is the developer of the Trakster® suite of software -  a powerful, web-based solution designed specifically for enhancing management of public works customer services and field operations.  Within its FieldTrak and ServTrak modules, Trakster builds a solid ‘foundation’ for significant improvement in customer services, route operations, and organizational accountability.  This software was developed, from the ground-up, based on industry best practices and the latest software technology.  More on Trakster . . .

The Trakster suite is a highly intuitive, easy-to-use web-based application that uses Microsoft mainstream server software (SQL Server and Windows). Users access the application via Internet Explorer web browser, requiring no special software to be installed on the user workstations. The Trakster suite is fully operational with over 80 users within the Solid Waste Management Administration of the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.). 


Improve accountability and performance with metrics & costs by service sector

Create high-value improvements in customer services and daily crew operations

Enhance employee skill base, motivation and efficiency