Our experience is based in the solid waste industry with in-depth skills in business consulting and software applications.  The following projects are examples of the work we do:

  • District of Columbia Solid Waste Management Administration.  Original design, development and implementation of a custom client-server work management system for managing time/attendance, route operations, and vehicle assignments/status.  The Trakster system was implemented for Collections, Street Cleaning, Enforcement and Disposal divisions of the District.  Development of customer services application for container management, collection complaints, grafitti cleanup, and and other services.

  • The City of Washington D.C. Solid Waste Management Administration (SWMA) currently uses the ServTrakand FieldTrak modules of Trakster for its day-to-day customer services and field operations work. There are currently more than 80 users of the Trakster system within SWMA.  “Fieldtrak supports our entire operations - giving us critical employee & route performance data when we need it."  Thomas Henderson, Administrator

  • Fairfax County, Virginia.  For the Department of Public Works & Environmental Services, conducted a solid waste rate study to support the financial and operational integrity of the County's residential collection operations.  Separately, we analyzed operations & financial transactions related to citizen/small commercial customers at the County waste-to-energy and transfer station facilities.
  • City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management.   Supported a department-wide performance audit requested by the City Council to review financial management, operations and the capital improvement program.  Evaluated the Department's four-year rate package that raises water/sewer rates 80% to support multi-billion dollar capital program and related operations.
  • City of Phoenix Public Works Department.  Lead business analyst and software designer for integrated solid waste management system (SWIIS) incorporating custom applications for customer services and contractor performance tracking asa well as package installations of the Weighmaster scale system. The City implemented the DPW Works software package for its field operations tracking.
  • Loudoun County, Virginia.  For the past several years, PWS has conducted Solid Waste Fee Analyses to assess revenues, costs and landfill capacity to assist the County in setting 'contract' fees for major haulers and other disposal fees at the County landfill.  A key part of this project included development of financial projection software using a range of material, cost, capacity and fee inputs to project the financial condition of the solid waste program.