“Balance Up” your Solid Waste Routes

PWS has developed an easy, inexpensive software tool for balancing solid waste collection routes and comparing crew performance.  Using PWS’s web-based Trakster software to capture actual mileage, time & tonnage, a ‘balance score’ (1-10) is formulated for each route and then used to compare those that may be too long/short or heavy/light.  The solution is calibrated by service activity such as garbage, recycling or yard waste. No software purchase or installation is necessary—only a web-browser to access PWS’s Trakster application.

The ‘balance score’ is assigned to each route based on a statistical analysis of actual route mileage, time and tonnage measures collected from Driver Worksheets. Using the web-based software, route data is entered for 1 week or more (1 month recommended). A Route Balance report is then prepared that includes:

  • Balance scores of 1-10 for each route
  • Average, upper and lower ranked routes
  • Average time & mileage for travel & route servicing
  • Tonnages per route, load and route mile